Welcome to RSCDS Bath Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948
Welcome to RSCDS Bath  Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948

RSCDS Bath Branch - Data Protection


RSCDS Bath Branch complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Rules, with effect from 25 May 2018.


Legal Bases for Processing Personal Information

GDPR recognises 5 valid bases for processing personal information, the first of which is Legitimate Interest - having a clear, identifiable interest for administering people’s data, eg in connection with club membership.


“Legitimate Interest” is the appropriate basis for RSCDS Bath Branch.  Under “legitimate interest”, the Branch will collect names, postal and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers provided by members when they complete the Branch membership form, so that it will know who its members are and will be able to contact them with dance information.  Members’ consent will not be needed to process or use their data for these purposes.


The Membership Secretary will store the information on a database, to which committee members will have access.  It will be shared with RSCDS Head Office, under a legal Data Sharing Agreement, but it will not be shared with any other person or group.


Data Protection:    6 Guiding Principles

RSCDS Bath is required to be guided by 6 principles that information must be 1) processed lawfully, fairly and transparently; 2) obtained for only 1 or more specific and lawful purposes; 3) adequate and relevant to the purpose for which it will be used; 4) accurate and kept up to date, with members able to see what is recorded and request correction; 5) kept for no longer than is necessary; 6) processed in a way that ensures security against unauthorised use, destruction or damage to the information.  These principles are reflected in a statement headed “Data Protection” appearing on the Branch membership form, a copy of which can be found on this website.


RSCDS Bath Branch has been guided by advice from RSCDS Head Office and by information from the Information Commissioner's Office website.



30 April 2018

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