Welcome to RSCDS Bath Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948
Welcome to RSCDS Bath  Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948

More Information about Classes

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Bath branch

Registered Charity: 1074609

We are a branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and a Registered Charity, run by a committee elected by our members at our Annual General Meeting.  Classes are conducted by dance teachers.

General dance classes -

Ralph Allen School   We have general dance classes for a range of abilities and experience, and a beginners' class, on Tuesday evenings at Ralph Allen School from 7.30 - 9.00. 
Newer dancers are encouraged to come from October 2021 at 7 pm for step practice.


Bathampton Village Hall  On Thursday afternoons at Bathampton, we have a beginners' class with simpler dances for the first hour or so, followed by a general class.  The class lasts for 3 hours from 1.30, but people come and go during the afternoon. 



Please take a home lateral flow test on the day of the class

and do not attend if you test positive


wear a mask when not dancing



There are steps and formations to learn in Scottish Country Dancing, which we'll help you to learn and experienced dancers will help you, too.

Join us on Tuesdays or Thursdays or both, as you wish.  You needn’t bring a partner.

Warming up at classes  We start and end classes with stretching exercises.

Physical problems or injuries?  Tell the class teacher if you have any physical problems or injuries that might restrict your movements and tell them if you encounter any problems or hurt yourself while dancing.

What do the classes cost?

You can pay per session (£6 per session for autumn 2021) or by subscription.  With a subscription, you can come to both the Tuesday and Thursday classes at no extra cost.  See our membership form on this website to find out about subscription rates or ask our Membership Secretary.

Dances during the year


We hold dances with live music at local halls during the year, which members of other Scottish dance groups attend, too, and we go to the dances they organize.

Contact us through our website - Contact Us Page


or by phone:

01225 722309
01225 833411


or by email:





Dance Ticket enquiries

Maggie Webb

01225 332662
Anne Jarrett
01225 722309


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