Welcome to RSCDS Bath - Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948
Welcome to RSCDS Bath -Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948

Oriel Scottish Dancers, Larkhall, Bath

We are a small Scottish Country Dancing class with an emphasis on learning the core skills and figures for Scottish Country Dancing.  The classes are suitable for beginners and for improvers/returners.  We aim to enable members to develop increasing enjoyment and confidence in their dancing.


Where:      In the Small Hall, New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA

When:       From 2.00 - 4.00 on Mondays, every week

From:        30th September 2019- start again. 


Enquiries: Ros 01225 319991 or via our website www.orielscottishdancers.btck.co.uk

Contact us through our website - Contact Us Page


or by phone:

01225 722309
01225 833411


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Dance Ticket enquiries

Maggie Webb

01225 332662
Anne Jarrett
01225 722309


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