Welcome to RSCDS Bath Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948
Welcome to RSCDS Bath  Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948

Oriel Scottish Dancers, Larkhall, Bath

We are a small Scottish Country Dancing class with an emphasis on learning the core skills and figures for Scottish Country Dancing.  The classes are suitable for beginners and for improvers/returners.  We aim to enable members to develop increasing enjoyment and confidence in their dancing.


These classes have been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic


Where:      In the Small Hall, New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA

When:       From 2.00 - 4.00 on Mondays, every week

From:        TBA


Enquiries: Ros 01225 319991 or via our website www.orielscottishdancers.btck.co.uk

Contact us through our website - Contact Us Page


or by phone:

01225 722309
01225 833411


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Dance Ticket enquiries

Maggie Webb

01225 332662
Anne Jarrett
01225 722309


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