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Bath Branch




Classes are held weekly from September to May with breaks for half terms, Christmas and Easter. 


Ralph Allen School, Claverton Down Road, Bath BA2 7AD

        Tuesdays           7.30 – 9.30 pm 


Bathampton Village Hall, Holcombe Lane, Bathampton BA2 6UL

        Thursdays          1.30 – 4.30 pm


New and experienced dancers always welcome. If possible, please contact us before coming. 

Class fees can be paid weekly or termly in advance.



Teachers –       Helen Bletso, Ralph Allen

                        Jane Hammond, Bathampton



Contact : ContactUs Page or



Class Dates:


        Ralph Allen

          12 September to 12 December 2023 excluding 24 October

         9 January to 26 March 2024 excluding 13 February

        16 April to 21 May 2024



          14 September to 14 December 2023 excluding 26 October

         4 January to 21 March 2024 excluding 15 February

       11 April to 16 May 2024


To make our dancing environment as safe as possible we ask all our dancers not to attend if they are feeling unwell.  We will ensure the dance venue is as well ventilated as possible.



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