Welcome to RSCDS Bath Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948
Welcome to RSCDS Bath  Home of Scottish Country Dancing at Bath since 1948

Dances and Events



In this section of the website you will find information about dance and events within our branch of RSCDS and neigbouring branches.


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Day Schoools (including our 73rd Anniversary Celebration day at Wesontbirt in March 2021)  and special events are shown on the Day Schools page.


The Branch Events page will give you details of all the events in our branch, and cribs for the dance programs as they become available.




Dance and Events Summary List




  •  Saturday 27th March 2021 - Bath RSCDS  73rd Anniversary Dance and Day School - Westonbirt - Save the Date!
  • Saturday 12th March 2022 - Bristol RSCDS Branch 60th Anniversary Dance - Save the Date!



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