Bath Branch
Bath Branch




The Branch holds a New Year Dance each January with live music at Bathampton.


There is live music at the Christmas classes and at the end of year dances at

both Ralph Allen School and Bathampton Village Hall.


We encourage members to attend dances run by other branches. 

Details can be found via links below:


Bristol RSCDS

Cheltenham RSCDS

Liddington Scottish Country Dancing Group

Westbury Scottish Club (Bristol)


St Michael's Scottish Country Dancing Club (West Camel, South Somerset)

Gloucester Scottish Society

Other events taking place in in the Heart of England (Gloucester & Cheltenham, Birmingham & Coventry, Oxford & Abingdon, Hereford & Ross)



Other resources


Scottish Country Dance Website  This website has descriptions of over 6000 Scottish Country Dances and a dictionary of dance terms.  There are also videos available here.



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